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3rd Annual EV Charging Infrastructure Forum

3rd Annual EV Charging Infrastructure Forum organized by Leadvent Group

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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3rd Annual EV Charging Infrastructure Forum

26th - 27th February, 2025

Hybrid Event | Time Zone – Central European Time

The deployment charging infrastructure is the prerequisite for the spread of electric vehicles. A well-established charging network increases vehicle miles using electricity, relieves range anxiety and reduces inconvenience concerning charging process. EVs are visualized to dominate the future mobility market in the Europe. However, a robust charging infrastructure, necessary to make e-mobility a complete reality, is seen as lagging behind requirements. The discrepancy in the development of EVs and its charging infrastructure is being recognized across Europe. V2G (vehicle to grid) applications are also evolving at a great pace. The fundamental issues being considered, thus, revolve around where to charge the EVs, who will build the charging infrastructure, and whether electricity grids or fast- or ultra-fast charging network will be ready for the envisioned EV growth. 

3rd Annual EV Charging Infrastructure Forum 2025 event is set to become the world’s leading conference exclusively for the automotive and electrical power industry, to meet and collaborate with a large array of charge point developers and policymakers, to examine new developments in electrical infrastructure and charge point technologies and address how the industry plans to support the growing use of electric vehicles.

This event will bring together industry experts and decision-makers responsible for EV charging infrastructure and all industry stakeholders across the automotive and electrical industries to network and build cross-market relationships, discuss the current state of smart charging and V2G solutions, explore new technologies and innovations addressing the real challenges of charging infrastructure. The event will focus on what the 2030 challenges will mean for the EV ecosystem and how we could move towards a charging infrastructure that works for the consumer, system, and energy transition.

3rd Annual EV Charging Infrastructure Forum 2025 will position itself as the leading premier events for the global electric vehicle sector. With its interactive format of panel discussions, presentations, open discussion allowing for engaging Q&A, and structured business networking opportunities.

To register or learn more about the Forum please check here:  https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/3rd-annual-ev-charging-infrastructure-forum/details 

To request the agenda please send the request to Leadvent Group via email.

For more information and group participation, contact us: info@leadventgrp.com

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Costs: 499 - 1999 EUR

Event type: Corporate events

Registration information: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/3rd-annual-ev-charging-infrastructure-forum/details

Event website: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/3rd-annual-ev-charging-infrastructure-forum/details

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