The positive monetary impact of having good administration skills

In today’s fast-paced work environment, good administration skills are highly sought after by employers around the world.

While these skills may seem basic in nature, good administration skills are not as easy to come by as you may think. As a result, employers are often willing to compensate generously when it comes to qualified candidates.

There are many aspects to good administration skills that can increase your earning potential and value to any organization.

6 Administration Skills That Can Increase Your Earning Potential

1. Communication Skills

Communication, in all its forms, is a critical soft skill for good administration. Whether it is written, verbal, or listening, a good administrator should be able to complete a variety of tasks with precision, clarity, professionalism, and confidence. Considering the amount of interaction you will have with your employer, staff, and clients, effective communication skills are crucial. If you need to brush up on any of these skills, you can get practice by journaling, speaking in front of others, and learning from different people and groups.

2. Organization Skills

In your administration role, you will juggle many tasks. To efficiently ​​complete tasks such as managing various calendars, scheduling appointments, and keeping the office running efficiently, you will need strong organizational skills. Here is a sample of some of the specific skills you will need for an administrative job:


     Attention to detail




     Time management

     Travel arrangements

3. Technology Skills

Technology skills are required for any administration job. It’s important to understand and know how to use common tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress, and other digital tools and programs. It is also important to be skilled at operating and maintaining office equipment such as faxes, printers, and scanners. Knowing how to effectively use technology to complete tasks and troubleshoot will increase your administrative value.

4. Planning Skills

The ability to plan and schedule things in advance is another important administration skill. This may include managing appointments, creating a backup plan for when employees are sick, or developing office procedures and systems. Good administrators are able to plan ahead and prepare for potential issues. Maintaining a well planned calendar will allow you to foresee future needs and prioritize accordingly. With strong planning skills, you will save time, resources, and energy for your employer.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

Good administrators possess strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills. As they are often the go-to person sought out by staff and clients when there is a problem or concern, administrators must be able to respond to a variety of concerns with critical thinking skills. Some of the problem-solving skills you will exercise in this role include client and employee relations, mediation, supervising, training, implementation, and more. With advanced problem-solving skills, your value as an administrator increases.

7. Versatility

In addition to the above skills, you can enhance your administration skills by becoming proficient in a number of other areas. These skills can be a great way to shine on your resume, cover letters, and job applications by showing employers your versatility as an administrator. Some of the skills you may wish to include are the ability to demonstrate professionalism, resourcefulness, and flexibility, to name a few. You may also highlight your strengths in other areas, such as strategic planning, filing, and equipment handling. One of the best ways to expand your versatility is to enroll in a good hybrid mba. With the latest up-to-date instruction by field experts, you can have a competitive edge over your competition. By showing the range of your skills and expertise, employers can gauge the depth of your skills and an overall asset to the company.

While there are many roles and responsibilities of a good administrator, it comes with many benefits. The impact of having good administration skills includes higher earning potential, specialized skills, increased job options, and transferable knowledge and expertise. By developing your skills and knowledge over time, you will be an in-demand employee for many organizations. 

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