Requisites and Roles of a Magento Developer

The changes in the business world are very prominent with the emergence of advanced technology. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people started to opt for online shopping more than going to a physical store and shopping. Considering the business requirements, many e-commerce brands and their websites/apps have emerged to provide customers with a unique experience during online shopping. 

Magento is one of the most widely known e-commerce platforms designed to offer customers the best experience. Being an open-source and flexible platform, it has attracted multiple online store owners, which is why Magento development services always try to provide as many experts in this area as possible. As a result, 167,000 e-commerce companies are functioned by Amagento 1, while 100,000 are functioned by Magento 2. 

If you are an online store owner and intend to use Magento for your store, consider the benefits and roles of the Magento developers first. 

Why Is Magento So Essential? 

Magento is a well-known open-source e-commerce platform specially designed for providing online store owners with all the features and functionalities to customize their store to provide the best and the most unique experience to the customers. 

Even though Magento is the most expensive e-commerce platform with a $22000 plan, its numerous features, offering an impressive streamlining method, make it one of the most sought-after platforms. 

However, since Magento is an expensive platform, small online shop owners with limited products on display may want to refrain from using it. 

But those who want to invest in their business by utilizing everything that Magento offers should know the necessity and job description of a Magento developer to gain a clearer perspective. 

Who Is A Magento Developer? 

The Magento developers refer to the experts who have the proper training to work by using Magento. They can help your online store stand out by developing a great store for you. A Magento developer can be an expert at anything. For example, they can design the store, work on the customization, store upgradation, integration of the entire system, etc. 

Is A Magento Developer Essential for Your Store? 

Since the Magento development company has become one of the most crucial things when it comes to building an online e-commerce business, the developers of the same automatically become an important aspect. But understanding why they are so vital is essential. 

1. Brings Technical Expertise to the Table

One of the various reasons why a Magento developer is considered so important is their technical expertise. Since Magento is an e-commerce development platform, it goes through multiple technical issues or errors. The problems can hinder the overall growth of your store. In that case, you need to get extra support from an expert with the required knowledge to optimize the store’s operations. 

So, opting for a certified Magento developer is a boon when you intend to provide the best experience to your customers. Magento is used by 2,39,000 websites, which gives an idea about the Magento developers’ capability and efficiency. 

2. Develop User-friendly Online Store

A developer’s job is to work on the technical aspects of a website to make the whole product as user-friendly as possible. A Magento developer can offer all the customization you need to give the customers a user-friendly and convenient website to shop. 

Whenever you build a website, keeping a good user experience in mind is essential. But only a certified developer (Magento) can offer a unique and simple interface, impressive design, multiple features, functionalities, etc., to a website, making it a customer-centric store. Remember that customers always prefer to follow simple steps while navigating a website or purchasing something. So, it can increase the conversion rate of your store. 

What Do Magento Developers Do? 

The Magento developers’ main job is to build and improve various e-commerce websites. A Magento development company providing multiple experts clearly understands the platform. Their work is mainly divided into two categories:

  1. Designing

Magento developers, specializing in the designing part, provide the website with themes to ensure the customers can be attracted to the store. They offer a design relevant to the products you offer in your store. Also, they provide a user-friendly website. 

  1. Coding

The Magento developers' expertise in the coding part mainly works on the features and adds various extensions and code to support the platform. 

Skills of A Magento Developer

A Magento developer should have some skill set to work on real-world projects. Some of them are: 

  1. Experts claiming to know Magento should have practical knowledge about Magento. It includes designing or customization, working on the coding, and maintaining it in case of any technical glitch. 

  2. Developers of Magento should have the required knowledge about the platform along with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 

  3. A Magento expert should know the process of developing custom CMS themes to meet the customers’ requirements. 

Additional Knowledge of a Magento Developer

A Magento developer must have some fixed skill set. Those are: 

  1. They should have the required knowledge of MySQL and PHP. 

  2. When it comes to designing, a Magento expert should know how to work on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

  3. They should know how payment gateways work. They should also understand module integration, for example, emails and tracking. 

  4. Since an experienced Magento expert is required for an online store, having practical knowledge about Magento 1 and 2 is also necessary. 

  5. They must have enough experience in configuring and deploying environments by using deployment automation like Jenkins.

  6. They should know the lifecycle development in online stores. 

  7. Knowing about SEO, Google Analytics, SEM, and Tag Manager of Google is also important. 


In the realm of e-commerce startups, the choice of the right e-commerce platform is a paramount decision. Understanding the significance of Magento development is crucial, as it provides valuable insights into the offerings of this renowned platform, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing your business's conversion rate. When considering a well-known Magento service provider like Brainvire, you can unlock even greater potential for your e-commerce venture.

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