How to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable While Day Trading

Day trading is a popular means of investment, but it can be physically and mentally draining. To deal with this, it’s a good idea to create a productive, conducive, and comfortable home office. Below, we’ll tell you how.

Use Quiet Equipment

Day trading successfully takes a lot of conversation, which is why we recommend using quiet equipment to reduce distractions. Everything from the clicking of a mouse to the whirring of a computer fan can divert attention, so think carefully before you buy. Here are a few tips for buying quiet equipment:

        Install a quiet CPU cooler. CPU coolers are loud, so choose a quiet option like a tower cooler with low rotations per minute.

        Consider case material. Some materials make for loud cases, so shop around for sound-dampening options.

        Get a quiet mouse. Some keyboards and mice are designed to be quiet, meaning you won’t need to listen to loud tapping while you work.

        Use an SSD instead of an HDD. Hard disk drives (HDD) can get fairly noisy, so consider upgrading to an SSD for a quieter and more responsive experience.

Choose the Right Furniture

Comfort is important when you’re day trading at home, so choose a desk and chair that’s going to provide maximum comfort. The desk should be at a reasonable height with plenty of space for your setup, and the chair needs to allow your arms to be parallel with the keyboard. Additionally, we recommend finding an ergonomic chair, which will help protect your neck and back.

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

When you’re too hot or too cold, your brain won’t be in a fit state to concentrate on day trading, meaning you’ll be more susceptible to making errors and suffering losses. The ideal temperature for a home office is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, but some people’s preferences sit higher or lower than this.

A great way to keep your home cool is by using a smart thermostat and HVAC system, which will learn about your heating and cooling behaviors and adjust the settings accordingly. Additionally, you can install an HVAC monitoring system, which will track detailed performance metrics to help you tackle maintenance issues before they become problematic and expensive.

Invest in Good Lighting

Good lighting is beneficial for any type of workspace, but it’s especially important for day traders who need a clear view of their screens all day. When there’s a strong overhead light, it can cause the eyes to become strained, which is why it’s important to choose diffused/soft lighting.

Take Breaks

Day trading can be extremely stressful and tiring, so try and take regular breaks throughout the day. Every 20-30 minutes, stand up and stretch your legs to reduce eye and muscle strain. Then, when lunchtime comes around, take a longer break and eat a healthy meal.

Being comfortable, having the right equipment, and taking breaks is important in any line of work, but it’s even more imperative for day traders because mistakes can be extremely expensive. 

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