9 Essential Dorm-Survival Tips for First-Year Students

You lived under the wing of your parents for many years, and now you are moving to a dorm. You may be a little scared about what waits ahead. Well, pop culture films usually show the dorms as either heavenly places or complete chaos. But the truth is, the atmosphere greatly depends on you. Below, we will share tips on how to live with your roommates peacefully and make your dorm experience super comfortable. 

  1. Know The Rules And Follow Them

Dorms have a set of regulations. Drinking alcohol, smoking, using powerful electrical appliances (microwaves or heaters), keeping animals and making noise are generally prohibited. In fact, doing anything that brings inconvenience to neighbors or violates safety rules isn't allowed.

There are also many rules regarding room makeovers, so it’s best to devote your time to studying them carefully. To finish the repairs without additional stress, remember about the custom essay order and talented authors who are there for you. With them on your side, you will certainly manage it all, including study, job and household issues.

  1. Respect Yourself And Others Too

What are the most usual reasons for conflicts?

  • Different ideas of cleanliness (when a clean freak and a messy person share a room);

  • Household issues (non-compliance with the cleaning schedule, etc.); 

  • Noise (when a neighbor listens to music loudly or brings guests regularly);

  • Damage to things;

  • The difference in character, upbringing, or mentality.

So when these conflicts arise, don’t rush to unleash a scandal. Be cunning and diplomatic, don't make enemies or spread gossip. Talk to your neighbors first and try to resolve the conflict peacefully. Set internal rules and follow them. And to avoid being distracted by the noise, buy noise-canceling headphones or head to the library. 

  1. Keep Your Valuables Safe

Don’t leave documents, credit cards, cash and other valuables in a visible place, so you can protect them. Even if you trust your roommate, beware of the fact that strangers may enter your room as well.

  1. Lend Your Things To Responsible People Only

The good news is that in the dorm, we can find a person who will lend you anything, from a Halloween costume to an iron and a pack of coffee. But it is better to lend to responsible people, otherwise, you risk losing the thing or getting it back in a poor condition. 

Moreover, you can always turn to your neighbors for help. But remember that this is not a one-sided game, as you should support others as well. Arguing with dorm neighbors is a path to nowhere, since cooperation is key to simplifying your lives greatly. 

  1. Don’t Be Too Patient

Hushing up problems, you show others how you can be treated. Standing up for personal boundaries is important as people can't read minds. When the neighbors don’t clean the kitchen, eat your food and throw things around, don't be patient. Discuss everything that makes you uncomfortable because silence won’t change anything.

  1. Create A Group Chat

Group chats are a handy thing, especially in the dorm. Do you need help, want to invite everyone for tea, or warn your neighbors about the planned repairs? Just send them a text.

  1. Make A Cleaning Schedule

As there are usually two or three people living in a room together, the household duties can be shared. For instance, divide the chores regarding mopping, vacuuming, and taking out the trash. This will be convenient for everyone and the likelihood of conflicts will be less. 

  1. Be Flexible

In a dorm, students learn to respect each other's space and habits. This is especially true for sleeping routines. Someone may go to bed at 3 AM, while another one is already asleep at 10 PM. The way out is simple: the owl learns to behave quietly, and the lark uses a sleep mask and earplugs. 

  1. Look For Ways To Make Yourself Comfortable

Meetings and gatherings in a dorm are great, but sometimes you want to be alone. What if your neighbors are constantly distracting you? Of course, the first way is to talk to them and communicate your needs. The second is to agree to give each other personal space. For example, you can do your homework in a coffee shop or park while your neighbor is resting in the room, and vice versa.

To Wrap It Up

And the last piece of advice is to be friends with the administration. Dorm workers have an influence on many things. In case of conflicts and disputable situations, the loyal attitude of the administration will help you a lot.

And finally, to survive in a dorm, you need to upgrade certain features of your character. And they are common sense, a sense of humor and the ability to defend your boundaries. No doubt, each dorm is a real school of life where you will not only shape yourself as a person, but also find true friends.

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