7 Courses That Will Help Boost Your Career Advancement

Do you feel stuck in your career? A course can make you stand out from the competition, allowing for more natural growth. Taking more classes also gives you more skills to fall back on in today’s shifting job market

Seven different types of courses will help boost your career advancement. Read on to learn more about what they are!

1. Writing Courses

First, you’ll want to consider taking some writing courses. Strong communication skills can get you far in any industry. However, people tend to ignore their written communication skills. You’ll want to take classes that teach you to write in a professional setting, whether you’re writing cover letters, emails, or reports.

Strong writing skills can be very impressive, so your boss will notice. You’ll also have easier capturing a hiring team’s attention when your writing is concise and grammatically correct. Not having good writing skills can be off-putting to others since they can’t be sure what you’re trying to tell them.

Plus, writing courses can benefit you, no matter your field. You can get your point across without having to be there.

2. Earn a Resume Writer Certification

Writing skills can drastically advance your career, but a resume writer certification can take you even further. You’ll learn how to make an outstanding resume that increases the odds of getting the job you want the most.

Being certified shows others that you went through extra steps to improve your skills, and you’ll know how to make the best resume for yourself.

You’ll also spend more time enhancing your other writing skills during resume writing courses, which has even more advantages.

Overall, there are high-quality resume writing classes that you can take. You’ll feel much more confident as you advance your career when you have a strong resume showcasing all your wins.

3. Public Speaking Courses

Next, you should take some public speaking courses. Even if you’re not looking for jobs that have you present often, those skills can translate to many other areas of your career. Plus, public speaking classes can make you feel more confident, allowing you to perform better at work. When you’re more confident, you’re more likely to get promotions and be noticed by your coworkers.

Communication skills are necessary to advance your career, and public speaking courses can make you a better communicator. These classes are great for helping people to overcome social anxiety and build their confidence.

Public speaking classes are the best choice if you want to improve your communication skills.

4. Professional Networking Courses

Professional networking courses teach you how to build connections and relationships with others in your field. Those connections are essential in advancing your career, so if you don’t know how to network, you’ll want to learn these skills in a class.

With a more robust professional network, you’ll have a better reputation at work, and more growth opportunities will present themselves to you.

Most people start building a professional network in college, so if you’re behind, you can begin  now through a course. You’ll also meet many other professionals in the class, giving you a head start.

5. Leadership Classes

Another excellent option would be to take a leadership class. These classes are great for anyone seeking a management position. You can also earn a leader or management certification in these classes, which you can include on your resume. Most companies seek those suited for leadership roles, so you’ll stand out from other candidates.

In these classes, you’ll identify your leadership style and build on several skills, including communication, conflict resolution, and more.

No matter what kind of job you want, having these skills will benefit you and make the path to advancement smoother.

6. Self-Marketing Courses

Self-marketing is another critical skill to have when you want to advance your career. You’ll learn how to “sell” your skills, experience, and abilities to potential hiring teams. These classes can teach you confidence and better communication as well.

You’ll also get to practice networking and public speaking online and in person in these types of classes, allowing you to learn multiple essential skills for advancement at once.

In short, you’ll want to consider these classes if you’re unsure how to market yourself to potential employers. You can also use what you learn in these classes to advocate for yourself and advance your job.

7. Ask Your Employer What They Need

Lastly, you can ask your employer what skills they think their current work team lacks. They may recommend certain classes for you to take. Most employers also pay their employees to earn specific certifications, so you’ll want to talk with them. 

You’ll have a much better chance at earning a promotion or raise when you have needed skills that your coworkers don’t have. You’ll also demonstrate to your employer that you’re a hard worker who can see things through.

So, if you’re unsure what classes to take to advance your career, don’t fret! You can always talk with your boss or team leaders about their recommendations. You should also speak with other professionals in your field and learn about their certifications and what ones have benefited them the most.

How To Choose a Career Development Course

So many different courses are available, especially if you’re considering taking one online. So, how do you know which one to choose? The best classes offer skills that make you more marketable in your field, so you can advance your career. However, those skills can be different for everyone. 

Generally, the best courses offer in-demand communication, leadership, and professional marketing skills. Only you can know what courses are suitable for you.

It can help to list what skills each course offers and compare them.

Start a Career Advancement Course!

You’ll want to research your options for career advancement courses and choose the one that gives you the skills you need for your dream job. We recommend improving both your written and verbal communication skills first. From there, you can build on your leadership skills. 

After completing the course, you should receive a certificate to use in your resume.

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